Weekly Summary

This week, I really wanted to focus on content. I usually focus on the assignment itself, sometimes neglecting the content within the blog post. I wanted to take the time to explain how I came up with each idea and how I put it together, so that is exactly what I did. That’s why this week, my blog posts are a little big longer than they usually are.

I completed twelve stars worth of video assignments.

I started off by doing five stars worth of a video assignment which asked us to create an advertisement.

Lose the Weight! Try the Magic Pill!

I then did five more stars by telling a story from my character’s perspective.

How La Señora Luz Met Pipo

I did another two stars by telling my character’s favorite dish.

My Favorite Dish? Carapulca!

I finished the week by completing my daily creates and interacting on Twitter, as well as commenting on other student’s blogs.

Daily Creates

Overall, it was a really good week and I am proud of the work and effort I put into each assignment. Now onto week 12!

Daily Creates

I usually say, “My daily creates for week X!” and leave it at that but this week has me worried! Maybe worried isn’t the best word to describe my emotions? But it is week 11! The semester is almost over and I’ll be graduating in May! Say what!?

Anyways… this week, I completed three daily creates.

I even participated a little bit on Twitter.

And that’s a wrap! Honestly, at first, I thought daily creates were a little bit tedious. I had to remind myself to remember to complete them. But now, I love doing daily creates! I think once the semester is over I will continue to work on them!

My Favorite Dish? Carapulca!

For this assignment, we had to say what our favorite dish is. Since we needed to complete at least six stars worth of the assignment from our character’s perspective, I decided to do my character’s favorite dish.

As for some background, my character is a Peruvian woman who lives in the villages of Peru. I, myself, am a Peruvian-American who has visited Peru so many times I have lost track. Both of my parents are Peruvian, and I eat a Peruvian meal everyday (gracias abuelita) so I can say that I am well educated in Peruvian dishes.

So for this assignment, I was able to tell my character’s favorite dish. Now you may be assuming that I just told my favorite dish since both my character and I are Peruvian but sorry, you are wrong.

You see, my character is from the village, and carapulca is a food from the village. Though I have had it many times, it is not my favorite, but it is my character’s favorite, maybe because she lives in the village?

To create this assignment, I first wrote out what I wanted to say from my character’s perspctive. I then searched on Google for images I could add to the video. Once I found them, I saved them and opened them on iMovie. I added a voiceover to the images. I made sure to talk in an accent because after all, my character is a Peruvian woman and English is not her first language. I then exported the video and uploaded it to YouTube.

This was my finished product.


“Hmm, my favorite dish?

Well having grown up in Peru my entire life, there is a lot of food that I like.

Ceviche, Arroz con Pollo, Carapulca, Aji de Gallina, and so much more!

Did you know Peru has been voted year after year for being the country with best ethnic food? Of course everyone knows what Ceviche is and well, if you don’t, then it might be time to learn more about it.

However, my favorite is carapulca. Mmm, my mouth is watering just thinking about it. Carapulca is made of sun dried potato. The potato is dried directly on the ground. That’s why you must be careful when preparing the dish. You don’t want to accidentally get little rocks in your dish.

Now tell me, child, what’s your favorite food?”

How La Señora Luz Met Pipo

A few weeks into the semester, I introduced La Señora Luz. If you missed that post, you can find it here. Well, for this week’s assignment, I wanted to bring back La Señora Luz and tell a story from her perspective. Though she had many stories to tell, she decided to tell me the story of how she met her talking snake, Pipo.

To do create this video, I first wrote out what I wanted La Señora Luz to say. I then looked for images that represented what she was saying. I added the images in order on iMovie and then added a voiceover of what was written out (I included a transcript below the video).

Since La Señora Luz is a fictional character created by me, I wanted to speak in another tone while recording the voiceover. I didn’t want it to sound like me. So I did exactly that. I recorded in a different voice as to not sound like myself.

After everything was completed, I exported the video and uploaded it to YouTube.


“A story, eh? I have a good one.

A few years ago I was walking around my house when something slithered under my feet. You see, here in the village, there is no need for shoes. I want to be tough. I want tough feet. Well anyways, I screamed and when I looked down, well there was a little snake.

I looked at him as I jumped away and his gave me this look – sort of like puppy eyes. I instantly fell in love. I picked him up and asked him what his name was, like you as a baby. I said, “Hey little guy. What’s your name?” To my surprise, he responded. He said his name was Pipo.

From that day on, Pipo and I did everything together. We’d hunt, cook, take naps, scare the children of the village. He became my best friend. Ah, Pipo.”

Lose the Weight! Try the Magic Pill!

For this assignment, we had to create a fake propaganda video – whether serious or comical. I took a serious issue – weight loss – and decided to make a funny advertisement.

Everyone knows that weight loss pills don’t work. And if you didn’t, well now you do! It’s a scam! So I tried to include three things in my video advertisement: healthy individuals, a magical pill, and satirical info.

To do this, I first wrote out what I wanted to say (I have included a transcript of the text below the video). I then sectioned off my writing to match different video clips or images I were to use. I looked for royalty-free video and I came across this website that had a lot of clips. I used another website that was recommended a few weeks back to download the video.

I put everything together on iMovie and I created my weight loss video advertisement.


“Tired of dieting? Tired of having to go out with friends and only eating salads while everyone else enjoys a slice of pizza?


Tired of working out for hours and hours, just to see no progress?

Well, with our magical pill you can drop the weight overnight.

Just pay a small fee of $900 and your dreams will come true.

(say following fast)

This product is not FDA approved. This payment is not a one-time fee, but a monthly fee. Shipping and handling fees may apply. Expect delivery is never.”

Weekly Summary

The end of week 10. I cannot believe it.

This week we focused on video. I found this week more entertaining than the audio week. I think this could be because I used to have a YouTube channel in middle school and my memories were coming back.

I started off the week by completing about fourteen stars worth of video assignments.

Get to know Tiffany

Day in Tiffany’s Life

Neighborhood Walk with ChiChi

I also created two daily creates. It felt weird only doing two, but I really liked the two I decided to work on.

Daily Creates

I then finished off the week by completing my video essay. I recommend checking it out! When I first saw this assignment, I thought I wasn’t going to enjoy it, but as I started working on it, I ended up loving the assignment.

Video Essay

Now the week is over and it is time to rest before next week’s adventures!

Video Essay

For this assignment, I went to YouTube and looked up short clips of movies. I found a clip from the movie Hunger Games and decided to analyze it. I was a big fan of the book series when it came out, as well as the movies.

I downloaded the clip from YouTube using a website provided by the assignment description and then added the video clip to iMovie. I added a voice over to the clip and then exported the file. I finished my video essay by uploading it to YouTube.

I have linked below my video essay and typed out my video essay, just in case you missed anything while listening.

“Hi everyone. I’m Tiffany. Today I am going to be analyzing a scene from Hunger Games. In this scene we see Katniss and Peeta having a conversation. As you look at the scene, you may note that the camera faces them as they speak. In other words, every time one of the characters speak the camera is on them. Take a look now and observe.

This is called Shot and Shot Reverse, as Tony Zhou mentions in his video series, Every Fame a Painting. As I mentioned earlier, this is the idea or concept of starring one character as they speak. When another character is introduced or speaks, the camera shifts to them.

Now that you know what Shot and Shot reserve is, take a look at the rest of the clip and let me know what you think or what else you observe.

As we have seen in this clip, Hunger Games is an excellent example of Shot and Shot Reverse. The camera shifts each time to focus on a character as they speak.”


Daily Creates

My daily creates for week 10!

For this one, I just looked up ‘clickbait’ on Google and I found this hilarious image. I attached it to my tweet and responded.

For this one, I responded to the tweet.

Neighborhood Walk with ChiChi

For this assignment, we had to walk around our neighborhood and record it. We then had to add music over the video.

I usually go on a walk once a day, so I found this assignment fitting for my daily life.

To complete the assignment, I grabbed my dog, ChiChi, and told her we were going on a walk. She loves going on walks because, honestly, she’s a nosy dog.

I recorded a short video of me walking my dog on my iPhone XS. I then uploaded the video to iMovie. I trimmed a little bit of the beginning of the video. I also added audio, provided by iMovie, over the video.

I then exported it and uploaded it to YouTube.

This is what I created.


Day in Tiffany’s Life

For this assignment, we had to create a day in our lives video.

To do this, I recorded short bits of my day on my iPhone XS. I then added the clips to iMovie and sorted them out. I trimmed, split, and deleted clips that needed to be edited.

I wanted each clip to be short, so that is exactly what I did. I decided NOT to add audio because I wanted the viewer to be able to listen to the different noises produced in the video.

After I completed making the video on iMovie, I uploaded the finished product to YouTube.

This is what I created.