Weekly Summary

This week consisted of working on more assignment based tasks than setting up our blog. It was not too stressful, however, the only thing I made sure to remember throughout the week was that I needed to work on 3 daily creates so not to wait until the last minute to get started.

I did not find the assignment bank assignments challenging, and I did a variety of different assignment levels. You can find my posts which contain more information regarding my assignments below.

Google Draw Something:  http://www.ds.cluelesstiff.org/blog/uncategorized/google-draw-something/

Is it Antman or a Crumb?:

Is it Antman or a Crumb?

Sharing Credit:

Sharing Credit

Now for my daily creates, you can find them on my Twitter, but I also created a blog post dedicated to my daily creates.

Daily Creates:


I found the daily creates enjoyable and a fun way to get my creative juices flowing.

Overall, this week was not too bad. I can’t wait to see what next week holds!


Sharing Credit

For this assignment, we needed to get a partner and interact with them via a means of communication. I chose to use Facebook messenger because it was easiest to screenshot. Each person had to say at least four lines. I did this with my boyfriend, Jay, and below I have attached a screenshot from our conversation. Let me know in the comments if you completed this assignment!

Just for context, ChiChi is my dog and yes, I did accidentally say talk instead of take!

Is it Antman or a Crumb?

For this assignment, we were required to take a picture of something that could look like something else. I took a picture of a crumb while moving my phone to make it look blurry. I chose to work on this assignment because I was about to sweep the kitchen and I came across this assignment and thought it was a perfect moment to work on it before cleaning up. So tell me, is it antman or a crumb?

Google Draw Something

For this assignment, we had to draw what was specified by Google Draw Something within twenty seconds and then the computer had to guess what it was. I found the assignment pretty entertaining and even played the game a second time for my own entertainment. I highly recommend everyone checks this assignment out, either this week or in the upcoming weeks, because it is very fun to complete. I have attached my image below and have also shared it on Twitter.

I recommend checking out the image on Twitter because you can see it better. Whenever I would make the image bigger on WordPress, it would make it all pixelized.










Below, I have attached the three #dailycreate’s that I have worked on this week. Please feel free to visit my Twitter to see upcoming #dailycreate projects and to complete a few of your own! Let me know what you think in the comments and if you worked on a similar #dailycreate!

Weekly Summary

It is the end of week one. This week was not too stressful, I think because we were setting up our platforms of communication, and I already had accounts in all of the platforms. It was not hard setting up a subdomain for this class, because I had another class during the summer where I had to set up a subdomain for, so I already knew what to do. However, setting up a domain or subdomain for the first time can be challenging. I’m just lucky to have avoided that headache since I already had previous experience using UMW’s Domain of One’s Own.

This week, we introduced ourselves across different social media platforms. You can find my introduction post here, which has embed content such as my Twitter, Instagram, Soundcloud, and YouTube I will be using for this course. I recommend checking it out if you want to get to know me a little bit better.

This week, we also worked on defining legendary and what it means to us. I shared my personal definition and experiences with legends in this post. I also shared an idea for an assignment regarding urban legends and myths.

Overall, this week was not too hard. My favorite part of this week was working on the assignment where we took a look at the term legendary and defined what it meant to us. When I started writing for that assignment, I found it hard to stop because I had so much to say.

I can’t wait to see what next week holds!

The Legendary DS106

Legendary. Personally, when I think of legendary, I tend to think of stories such as urban legends and myths. I think of stories that I have been told by my parents but have also been told through different cultures and generations. My parents are Peruvian and so, I grew up hearing a lot of foreign urban legends and myths. However, when I first met my boyfriend (his parents are Mexican) and he told me his version of the same urban legends and myths my parents had told me, I was shocked! Not because he had heard the same story as mine, but because they were the same story told in two completely different ways.

Since these stories are passed on through many many many cultures and generations, some of the stories change over time. I think this would be an interesting concept or assignment to work on in this course. For example, we (the students) could be assigned a theme, general plot, and characters and be told to create a story around it. Even the main points of the story could be provided. It would then be up to the student (or group of students if working together in a group) to create a fully detailed story. This would go to show how different cultures take stories and fill in or change different parts of the stories to make it their own, sort of like urban legends and myths.


Hi everyone! I’m Tiffany, an English major at UMW. Once I graduate, in May, I would like to pursue my Master’s in Education. I have wanted to be a teacher since I was in second grade, and I can’t believe I am so close! During my free time, I like to read, write, play video games, and run. I recently got into running and ran my first 5K! I have introduced myself across different social media platforms. Check them out!

I just found out that my audio is not working in my YouTube video for some reason. I will look into this and have it updated by Friday, 8/31!