Daily Creates

My daily creates for week 12!

For this daily create, I looked up a GIF via Twitter and attached it to the tweet.ย  Happy Veterans Day!

For this daily create, I looked up a GIF via Twitter and attached it to the tweet. It is true! A hot chocolate can warm anyone up on a cold winter day!




Daily Creates

I usually say, “My daily creates for week X!” and leave it at that but this week has me worried! Maybe worried isn’t the best word to describe my emotions? But it is week 11! The semester is almost over and I’ll be graduating in May! Say what!?

Anyways… this week, I completed three daily creates.

I even participated a little bit on Twitter.

And that’s a wrap! Honestly, at first, I thought daily creates were a little bit tedious. I had to remind myself to remember to complete them. But now, I love doing daily creates! I think once the semester is over I will continue to work on them!

Daily Creates

For this week’s daily creates, we had to use our daily creates to create a story. This is what I came up with.

The Pumpkin Man loved Halloween so much that everyday in October he did a little dance to celebrate. One day, while doing his daily dance routine, a dog ran up to him. The Pumpkin Man instantly fell in love with the dog and dressed him appropriately. Together, they became known as The Pumpkin Man and The Pumpkin Dog.ย 

The Pumpkin Man and The Pumpkin Dog continued on with their daily lives by dancing everyday until Halloween. But Halloween had approached faster than they had expected. On the evening of Halloween, someone rang the doorbell. The Pumpkin Man opened the door, and to his surprise, there was a monster standing at his front door. He was not sure if it was a child dressed up as a monster or if it was actually a monster. However, The Pumpkin Dog came up running behind The Pumpkin Man and wouldn’t stop barking. It was in fact a monster, and not a child.ย 

The Pumpkin Man looked at The Pumpkin Dog and together they scared off the monster. Their dance moves were so bad, so terrifying, that it scared off the monster.

I have attached my daily creates for week 9 below!


Daily Creates

Here are my daily creates for week 8!

For this daily create, I simply looked up a GIF through Twitter and added a caption. It was easy to do!

For this daily create, I simply responded to the question.