Did you lock the door?

For this assignment, we had to tell a story through text message.

I decided to tell a horror story by asking my boyfriend to help me out. I wrote out a script so that the text messages would come in at a decent speed. I used Apple’s preset screen recorder and turned it on. I then told my boyfriend that it was time to start texting it each other. We recorded the following….

So, did you lock the door?

To complete this assignment, I uploaded the video footage to YouTube and then linked it to this blog post.


Meet Tiffany as an Emoji

For this assignment, we had to take a picture of someone and match it to an emoji.

This is a picture of myself that I took using a Snapchat filter. It made me smile really big and so I thought I looked like a smiling emoji.

To create this assignment, I first took a picture of myself. I then opened the picture on Line Camera and added the emoji by my picture. From there, I uploaded it to my computer and added it to this post.

What The Fox Say?

For this assignment, we had to record ourselves singing our favorite song using Apple’s Animoji.

To do this, I opened the messages app on my iPhone and recorded myself singing “The Fox” by Ylivs. I then saved the clip to my phone and uploaded it to YouTube. From there, I linked the clip to this blog post.

The assignment also called for explaining why we chose this character and song. I chose to use a fox because the song is about a fox, so I thought it would be a fun little twist. I chose this song because I saw there was fox under the different Animojis.

Here is my recording of “The Fox.”