Final Project Progress Report

For my final project, I’ve decided to tell a story. Thought I haven’t decided what story I will tell, I do know that it will be a story told from my character’s point of view.

This weekend, I will begin setting up the plot and characters I want to include in my story so that at the beginning of the following week I can start working on creating my final project.

Though I have not started physically working on my project, I do know that I will be using elements of visual, design, audio, and video to tell my story.

I want to use these elements to tell an interactive story via Google Slides. I will create a powerpoint which I will setup as an interactive story (it will make more sense when you see it).

Basically, the title page will be the cover page of the story. Following that, each slide will be a part of the story where the reader has the option to interact with the story and choose the fate of the character. By doing this, my story will include the elements listed above.

I can’t wait to start working on my project so that I can share it with you all.

Weekly Summary

And that’s a wrap! Week 12 is finally over. It was a busy one.

This week, I created a tutorial for a mashup assignment I created.

Animoji Karaoke Tutorial

I then worked on 12 stars worth of mashup assignments. Those took a while to complete.

What The Fox Say?

Did you lock the door?

Meet Tiffany as an Emoji

I then remixed two assignments. It was a little hard understand the assignment rules while creating remixes, but I made the best of it.

Singing in Spanish

Uncle Bob? Or a Cat?

I completed the week by commenting on my peer’s blogs and completing two daily creates.

Daily Creates

Overall, it was a really good week even though the assignments took longer than usual to complete. I made sure to include all necessary information in my assignments because recently I’ve been forgetting to explain how I created the assignment – but not this week! This week I made sure to explain in detail how I created the assignment.

Now onto week 13!