Weekly Summary

And that’s a wrap! Week 12 is finally over. It was a busy one.

This week, I created a tutorial for a mashup assignment I created.

Animoji Karaoke Tutorial

I then worked on 12 stars worth of mashup assignments. Those took a while to complete.

What The Fox Say?

Did you lock the door?

Meet Tiffany as an Emoji

I then remixed two assignments. It was a little hard understand the assignment rules while creating remixes, but I made the best of it.

Singing in Spanish

Uncle Bob? Or a Cat?

I completed the week by commenting on my peer’s blogs and completing two daily creates.

Daily Creates

Overall, it was a really good week even though the assignments took longer than usual to complete. I made sure to include all necessary information in my assignments because recently I’ve been forgetting to explain how I created the assignment – but not this week! This week I made sure to explain in detail how I created the assignment.

Now onto week 13!




Weekly Summary

This week, I really wanted to focus on content. I usually focus on the assignment itself, sometimes neglecting the content within the blog post. I wanted to take the time to explain how I came up with each idea and how I put it together, so that is exactly what I did. That’s why this week, my blog posts are a little big longer than they usually are.

I completed twelve stars worth of video assignments.

I started off by doing five stars worth of a video assignment which asked us to create an advertisement.

Lose the Weight! Try the Magic Pill!

I then did five more stars by telling a story from my character’s perspective.

How La Señora Luz Met Pipo

I did another two stars by telling my character’s favorite dish.

My Favorite Dish? Carapulca!

I finished the week by completing my daily creates and interacting on Twitter, as well as commenting on other student’s blogs.

Daily Creates

Overall, it was a really good week and I am proud of the work and effort I put into each assignment. Now onto week 12!

Weekly Summary

The end of week 10. I cannot believe it.

This week we focused on video. I found this week more entertaining than the audio week. I think this could be because I used to have a YouTube channel in middle school and my memories were coming back.

I started off the week by completing about fourteen stars worth of video assignments.

Get to know Tiffany

Day in Tiffany’s Life

Neighborhood Walk with ChiChi

I also created two daily creates. It felt weird only doing two, but I really liked the two I decided to work on.

Daily Creates

I then finished off the week by completing my video essay. I recommend checking it out! When I first saw this assignment, I thought I wasn’t going to enjoy it, but as I started working on it, I ended up loving the assignment.

Video Essay

Now the week is over and it is time to rest before next week’s adventures!

Weekly Summary

Week 9 is done.

This week was a little stressful. I wasn’t able to tune in to any radio show other than mine because of other commitments, so I had to listen to my own radio show and reflect.

Also, I lost all of my work when working on the digital resume, and so I had to start over.

Overall, this week was okay. I am glad it is over and we are approaching the end of the semester. I need a break from school. I took 18 credits over the Summer, so I think I am finally becoming burnt out.

Anyways, here is the work I completed this week. To learn more about my struggles and how I overcame them, take a look at each individual post below, as they go into detail about how I created a certain assignment and my overall reflection.

I hope your week was better than mine.

Radio Listen!

College Graduate Seeking Job

Guess the Story

Run Run Run!

Pinterest Room

Daily Creates

Weekly Summary

Another week in DS106 is over and we are about halfway through the semester. The weeks are going by fast as we focus on different themes and assignments each, but overall, the course is very enjoyable. My favorite assignment to work on thus far has been the daily creates because it allows you to use your creativity and think out of the box for a little bit each day.

Well, without further rambling, here are the assignments I worked on this week. Click on each individual post to learn how I put it together and the thought process that went into it.

Radio Show Progress

Daily Creates

Radio Show

And just in case you don’t want to read the post on the radio show and want to listen directly to it, here it is!


Weekly Summary

This week has been by far the least stressful.

I thought working on the radio show would be difficult but my group made it easy thanks to our level of communication. We created a channel on Slack to communicate about the radio show which took a lot of stress off my shoulders.

Creating the audio assignments was not too bad, and actually enjoyable.

Commenting on other’s work this week was also fun because I got to see what everyone has been working on for their radio show thus far.

Daily creates were daily creates. Easy.

Here is my work for this week!

Radio Show Update

Radio Show Poster

DS106 Radio Show: La Llorona or The Weeping Woman

MAGIC POP! Commercial

Why I Enrolled in DS106

Daily Creates



Weekly Summary

This week felt the longest. The audio assignments took longer to complete than any other assignment thus far. I think this is because I had to take time to learn how to use Audacity and how to add effects to our projects. However, I am glad that I got to learn the basics of Audacity and had fun putting together the assignments.

Here are the assignments I completed this week!

Writing Showcase

My group got to put together our favorite assignments from the writing assignments that were completed last week!

Audio Reflection

My Thoughts on #ds106 Radio

Daily Creates

DS106 Radio Bumper

Sound Effects Story

Ring Ring Ring! The Phone is Ringing!

The City in Sounds

Radio Show Ideas


Weekly Summary

This week was a little more challenging than previous weeks. I did not find the assignments harder but I found them more time consuming. I am glad to have finished my work a day before the deadline and not having waited until the last minute because I know I would of been stressed.

Anyways, here is all the work I worked on this week.

Photo Reflection

Reading Reflection

Metropolis Barcode

Coco in Gifs

La Señora Luz in Picture Collage




Weekly Summary

This week is finally over. Unlike the previous two weeks, this week was much more writing based. I felt like there was a lot of writing to do but I did not find the assignments difficult. Instead, I enjoyed all of the assignments I did.

I decided to work on my assignments earlier in the week because I knew that Hurricane Florence was going to be hitting the East Coast during the weekend. Even though we got an extension on our assignment due dates, I still wanted to work on them just to get them done and not have them build upon next week’s assignments.

That being said, here are links to each of my assignments I worked on this week. In each individual post, you will find a detailed explanation of how I completed that assignment and what became of it.

La Llorona

Meet La Señora Luz

Flying Up High

The Email