College Graduate Seeking Job

For this assignment, we had to take a website and edit it to create a digital resume. I decided to create a resume that I would use after graduating from UMW.

To begin, I download X-Ray Goggles. After becoming familiar with the application, I went to different websites to look for a platform. I browsed eBay, Amazon, Twitter, and Craigslist. I decided I would work with Craigslist to create my digital resume. However, I first had to find a post I could edit.

I searched in the pets section of Craigslist and came across a listing for kittens. I opened X-Ray Goggles and began messing around with the website. I ended up changing almost all of the text to something different. While working with X-Ray Goggles and the post, I did have a few setbacks.

First of all, when I was almost done putting together the resume, I accidentally clicked on the actual kitten advertisement and ended up being taken to another page. All of my work was lost and I had to start over. Secondly, no matter how hard I tried, I could not get a picture to upload where the gray box was on the picture and link linked below.

However, I did have fun putting together this assignment. I have attached a screenshot of the finished product below, as well as a link you can visit to see it live.

To view the website live, click here. 

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