La Señora Luz and Pipo Adventures: Into the Village

What would you do if your best friend was rejected from your village? Find out what La Señora Luz does when her talking snake and best friend, Pipo, is rejected by the village in La Señora Luz and Pipo Adventures: Into the Village. 

How was it? I have always wanted to write a children’s story so I decided to take this opportunity to incorporate a few of the elements such as visual, design, audio, and video to create a digital children’s story for my final project.

To do so I first wrote out what I wanted to create. I knew I wanted to use Google Slides to create a presentation that is actually a children’s story. So I treated each slide as a page from a book. I plotted out the story and then added text to each slide. I then searched Google Images for images that would be appropriate for each slide. Afterwards, I searched for sound effects on Free Sound and found some that I liked such as different screams, shrieks, and crowds screaming “YAY” to incorporate into my story. I could not figure out how to incorporate the sounds into my Google Slides so I downloaded my presentation and added the sounds into my presentation. I was going to leave it at that, but I decided to take it one step further.

Instead of sharing my Google Slides presentation here, I decided to record myself narrating the children’s story. I thought it would bring out my character and life to my story, so I did exactly that, as you saw above.

Overall, I am very proud of my final project. I was able to successfully incorporate elements that I liked learning about throughout the semester to tell a story of my own. I was able to create a children’s story — which is something I have always wanted to do — while incorporating my character that I created at the beginning of the semester.



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