Lose the Weight! Try the Magic Pill!

For this assignment, we had to create a fake propaganda video – whether serious or comical. I took a serious issue – weight loss – and decided to make a funny advertisement.

Everyone knows that weight loss pills don’t work. And if you didn’t, well now you do! It’s a scam! So I tried to include three things in my video advertisement: healthy individuals, a magical pill, and satirical info.

To do this, I first wrote out what I wanted to say (I have included a transcript of the text below the video). I then sectioned off my writing to match different video clips or images I were to use. I looked for royalty-free video and I came across this website that had a lot of clips. I used another website that was recommended a few weeks back to download the video.

I put everything together on iMovie and I created my weight loss video advertisement.


“Tired of dieting? Tired of having to go out with friends and only eating salads while everyone else enjoys a slice of pizza?


Tired of working out for hours and hours, just to see no progress?

Well, with our magical pill you can drop the weight overnight.

Just pay a small fee of $900 and your dreams will come true.

(say following fast)

This product is not FDA approved. This payment is not a one-time fee, but a monthly fee. Shipping and handling fees may apply. Expect delivery is never.”

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