Weekly Summary

And that’s a wrap! Week 12 is finally over. It was a busy one.

This week, I created a tutorial for a mashup assignment I created.

Animoji Karaoke Tutorial

I then worked on 12 stars worth of mashup assignments. Those took a while to complete.

What The Fox Say?

Did you lock the door?

Meet Tiffany as an Emoji

I then remixed two assignments. It was a little hard understand the assignment rules while creating remixes, but I made the best of it.

Singing in Spanish

Uncle Bob? Or a Cat?

I completed the week by commenting on my peer’s blogs and completing two daily creates.

Daily Creates

Overall, it was a really good week even though the assignments took longer than usual to complete. I made sure to include all necessary information in my assignments because recently I’ve been forgetting to explain how I created the assignment – but not this week! This week I made sure to explain in detail how I created the assignment.

Now onto week 13!




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